ROBAX® Fire Plate Glass

ROBAX® is a ceramic glass which can withstand temperatures of up to 700ºC with a thickness of 4mm. It is ideal for use in fireplaces, wood burning stoves and anthracite heaters. All quotes exclude Culimeta Insulating Tape. Please order separately based on the size of the glass ordered.


SCHOTT ROBAX® is an extremely heat-resistant, transparent ceramic fireplace glass which can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Thanks to its extremely low thermal expansion, neither high temperatures (up to 700°C) nor considerable temperature changes can do harm to SCHOTT ROBAX® glass ceramic panels.

ROBAX® ceramic fireplace glass has thus proved a reliable vision window for room heating devices such as fireplaces and stoves for 30 years. Onlookers can enjoy the dancing flames and cozy warmth, are protected from flying sparks, and make optimum use of energy through targeted regulation of ingoing air and flue gas. SCHOTT ROBAX® – a warm & safe feeling every day.


How to order

Glassblowing Industries supplies ROBAX® glass in custom sizes depending on your requirements.

We also offer same day turnaround for breakdowns where possible.

In order to minimize lead time please supply us with measurements using the following diagrams, if your requirement is not one of the shapes illustrated please send us a diagram with relevant dimensions.


Square/Rectangle – LENGTH AND BREADTH







Custom shape – Where your fireplace design has a curvature, please provide the following dimensions and we will computer generate the exact curvature required:

LENGTH, BREADTH AND TOTAL BREADTH (Measure from the centre top to bottom as shown)






Strips – Anthracite Heaters

Where you need replacement strips for your Anthracite heater, please provide us with the following information:




Please note: All quotes exclude Culimeta Insulating Tap/Gasket. Please order separately based on the size of glass purchased.




ROBAX® Brochure