Neutral Glass Test Tubes

Glassblowing Industries sells neutral glass test tubes, also known as disposable test tubes in large volumes of standard sizes. We also make unique sizes on request in any volume required.

Glassblowing Industries supplies neutral glass test tubes in the sizes listed below. We supply any quantity requested and can also accommodate unique sizes on request.

How to order

1. Please select the size you would like to order from the list below.

2. Indicate the quantity required.

3. Indicate whether you would like your tubes with a rim or rimless.

Please note: Ø represents the diameter and mm represents the length of the tube.

Ø Length
8mm 35mm Rim/Rimless
9mm 38mm Rim/Rimless
10mm 75mm Rim/Rimless
12mm 75mm Rim/Rimless
12mm 100mm Rim/Rimless
16mm 100mm Rim/Rimless
16mm 125mm Rim/Rimless
16mm 150mm Rim/Rimless
18mm 125mm Rim/Rimless
18mm 150mm Rim/Rimless
20mm 150mm Rim/Rimless
24mm 125mm Rim/Rimless
24mm 150mm Rim/Rimless