MAXOS® Sight Glass

Safety sight glass that won't let you down

Whether in the chemical industry, the oil industry or the power supply sector, MAXOS® safety sight glasses are proven and used all over the world whenever visual inspections under extreme temperature or pressure conditions are required in steam vessels, pressure tanks or pipeline systems.

The hight safety level is secured by special borosilicate glass of high chemical durability, exceptional purity and homogeneity. Along with a low thermal expansion, which is typical for borosilicate glass, thermal pre-stressing (tempering) creates a particularly high resistance to sudden changes in temperature.

The MAXOS® product line comprises a complete range of round and long sight glass in varying dimensions to accommodate different pressure and temperature ranges.

In addition to the safety sight and liquid level gauge glass listed in the product table, we can supply other special dimensions. We will gladly send you a comprehensive overview of our available product range along with detailed data sheets.

Compliance with all relevant safety standards

Tempered reflex and transparent level gauge glass and disc sight glass can be supplied in accordance to national and international regulations and standards as:

  • DIN 7080/7081
  • BS 3463
  • Austrian Standard(O-Norm) M7353/7354
  • JIS B 8211
  • MIL-G-16356D
  • SCHOTT AUER USA-Specification